Alpha x Terra Hackathon Tips, Tricks, and Resources

Alpha x Terra Hackathon Tips, Tricks, and Resources

What's your team's progress? A friendly reminder that all submitted ideas must be finalized by May 10th, at 0:00 UTC, in order to be qualify for Public Voting phase. This article outlines all the resources that we have prepared for you to buidl and perfect your team's submitted idea.  

  1. Event Chat Function is Online - Download the app, and stay connected 24/7 with everyone in this event
  2. Get Feedbacks By Talking with Alpha Devs - Set up a Calendly 1-on-1 call to get answers for your technical questions
  3. Submit Idea Today
  4. No Idea, No Team, But I Have Skills. What can I do? - Take a look at our resources that can inspire you
  5. Sync Calendar - It is best to stay connected!

Event Chat Function is Online

The Chat function is now ONLINE. How can you use this feature to your advantage?

1. Talk with other participants in the general channel and see what ideas they’ve submitted
2. Direct message other participants from participants menu in general channel and collaborate with them
3. Use “find_team” channel to find team members and “ask_technical_questions” channel to clarify your queries with Alpha Devs

Go to event chat and start collaborating with other hackers!

Download the App and Connect With Everyone Better

Step 1: Get the app. Scan the QR code (step 1 in the diagram) below with your phone, or click here to get it from App Store or on Google Play

Step 2: After you've downloaded the app, scan the QR code (step 3 in the diagram) with your phone, or click this link to sync Eventornado with app.

Step 3: Turn on all notification alert settings for app.

Step 4: Start chatting and stay connect!

Get Feedbacks By Talking with Alpha Devs

We have opened up Calendly slots for you to reserve a 1-on-1 call with our developers. So if you have any technical questions or require any feedback on your idea, this will be your chance!

Book a time with Nipun
More about Nipun Pitimanaaree (Lead Engineer)

Book a time with Arin
More about Arin Trongsantipong (Head of Product)

Benefit of Submitting Your Idea Early

The perks of submitting your ideas early are:

1. Early Access to Feedback From the Alpha Team, Before Evaluation Phase Begins.
The hackathon team is currently looking over the submitted ideas and giving ideas’ owners personalized feedback on how they can improve their project. As a result, by receiving feedback, you can improve and curate your idea to be as perfect as you can once we reach the deadline for Idea Submission (May 10th, at 00:00 UTC).

2. Ease in connecting and finding members for your team
Various skilled members are currently looking for a team to join. By having your idea posted, which can only be a rough idea, you may fascinate other members to give out their thoughts, feedback, or even ask to onboard your team.

🗣 “Did you know that you can STILL EDIT your submitted idea on Eventornado?”

Once submitted, you can click “Edit Idea” on the My Idea page. So why wait, submit your idea now! It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Submit Idea here

No Idea, No Team, But I Have Skills. What can I do?

Take a look at our resources and get inspired!

1. Pick One From The List?
Hop on to the Eventornado’s Idea page and surf around for other members’ published ideas. Find a couple of ideas you like and notify the idea’s owner that you want to join their team by clicking “Apply to Join This Team” and engage with them using the chat feature.

Visit Now

2. Meet People Synchronously
We have prepared multiple rounds of Gather Town meetups for everyone to meet! This is a chance for you to meet with your team, other participants, the Alpha Team, or the Alpha Devs.

Sessions when Alpha Dev is Online 👷, Alpha will have developers standby in those sessions. So if you have any technical questions, feel free to talk with them and get your answers straight away!

Enter Town

Gather Town Future Sessions

FRI: 29th April
🌜Round 5: 3:30 PM UTC (Alpha Dev is Online 👷)

MON: 2nd May
🌞Round 6: 3:30 AM UTC
🌜Round 7: 3:30 PM UTC (Alpha Dev is Online 👷)

TUE: 3rd May
🌞Round 8: 3:30 AM UTC (Alpha Dev is Online 👷)

WED: 4th May
🌜Round 9: 3:30 PM UTC

THU: 5th May
🌜Round 10: 3:30 PM UTC

FRI: 6th May
🌜Round 11: 3:30 PM UTC


Don’t forget to sync your calendar with us to get the most up-to-date notifications on all future events.

Spread the word, refer people to register, and build your dream team! But please be fast because the deadline for Registration is on April 10th 00:00 UTC.

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