Alpha Homora adds ETH/BOR and ETH/oBTC pools on Sushiswap

Alpha Homora adds ETH/BOR and ETH/oBTC pools on Sushiswap

Alpha Finance Lab would like to now welcome the BoringDAO community to Alpha Homora, as we now support ETH/BOR and ETH/oBTC pools on Sushiswap!

ETH/oBTC will join a family of Bitcoin-based pools, including ETH/WBTC and ETH/renBTC, that Alpha Homora has been supporting.

Alpha Homora allows Bitcoin supporters to easily participate in DeFi and yield farming on Ethereum with a single-asset supply functionality. With this functionality, anyone who owns oBTC, WBTC, or renBTC can earn from DeFi and yield farming by simply supplying these tokens to the relevant pools on Alpha Homora without needing to have ETH.

What do users gain from ETH/BOR and ETH/oBTC pools?

  1. Users can supply only one token (e.g. no need to have both ETH and BOR or ETH and oBTC)
  2. Alpha Homora will automatically stake SLP token for users on SushiSwap, so they can earn SUSHI
  3. Users can earn SUSHI
  4. SUSHI tokens that users earned are automatically reinvested and added to their yield farming position
  5. Users can earn trading fees for providing liquidity to pools

For detailed step-by-step on how to farm, see here.

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