We'd like to congratulate Yearn Finance and SushiSwap communities on the YFI x SUSHI merger by providing support of 1.75x leveraged yield farming of ETH/YFI pool on SushiSwap!  

What do users gain from 1.75x leveraged yield farming of ETH/YFI pool?

  1. Earn ALPHA as a part of Alpha Homora Liquidity Mining (2A) program 💥
  2. Automatically stake SLP token for you on SushiSwap, so you can earn SUSHI
  3. Earn SUSHI on leverage
  4. SUSHI earned is automatically reinvested and added to your yield farming position
  5. Earn trading fees on leverage for providing liquidity to pools
  6. Can provide liquidity with just one token (e.g. can supply only YFI, no need to have both ETH and YFI)

We will automatically and optimally swap roughly half of your supplied token to another token, so you can provide liquidity to the pool on Sushiswap to get a share of trading fees and get SLP token

For detailed step-by-step on how to farm, see here.

About Alpha Finance Lab

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