We are excited to announce Alpha Homora liquidity mining part 2B called Trading Volume Mining that will start on Monday November 16th, 12pm UTC - December 16th, 12pm UTC!

What is Trading Volume Mining? How does it work?

Trading Volume Mining is a new way to conduct liquidity mining that we came up with instead of running a typical liquidity mining program. ALPHA rewards will be distributed out in a form of trading fees APY.

To earn ALPHA in Trading Volume Mining, users need to have ALPHA or ETH or ibETH and use it to provide liquidity to ibETH/ALPHA pool through Alpha Homora or directly on Uniswap to earn high trading fees APY.

ibETH is an interest-bearing ETH token that users get when lending ETH on Alpha Homora. ibETH represents the lender’s share of the whole ETH lending pool in Alpha Homora.

Where does the high trading fees APY come from?

We will distribute 150,000 ALPHA per day in a form of trading fees APY to those who provide liquidity to ibETH/ALPHA pool on Uniswap either through Alpha Homora (which is easier for users) or directly on Uniswap.

Over the course of 30 days (Nov 16th - Dec 16th), we will distribute a total of 4,500,000 ALPHA in a form of trading fees APY.

What's the step-by-step guide to participat in this Trading Volume Mining?

Please check Trading Volume Mining section of Alpha Homora document here.

What does it mean to have both Liquidity Mining Part 2A and Part 2B: Trading Volume Mining running at the same time?

See here for more details on Alpha Homora Liquidity Mining Part 2A that will run from Nov 12th, 12pm UTC - Dec 12th, 12pm UTC.

Having both Liquidity Mining Part 2A and Part 2B: Trading Volume Mining be running at the same time means that the weekly ALPHA rewards that you earn from Part 2A from opening leveraged positions on Alpha Homora can be used to supply to ibETH/ALPHA pool on Alpha Homora and earn even more ALPHA from Part 2B: Trading Volume Mining!

To learn more about Alpha Homora product, see our documentation here.

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