Alpha Oracle Aggregator - Integrating Chainlink Feed Registry

Alpha Oracle Aggregator - Integrating Chainlink Feed Registry

Alpha Oracle Aggregator has now integrated the Chainlink Feed Registry to retrieve prices across multiple pairs of assets.

Alpha Oracle Aggregator leverages on the leading oracle solutions and frameworks for aggregation and decentralization. We conduct constant reviews to see how best we can improve the efficiency and security of the Aggregator and the Chainlink Feed Registry will definitely help in that aspect.

With the addition of the Chainlink Feed Registry, the Alpha Oracle Aggregator will now be able to query Chainlink price feeds from token addresses directly without needing to know the oracle proxy contract addresses.

Previously, each of the supported token pairs required its corresponding oracle proxy contract address to be hard-coded into Alpha Oracle Aggregator. The mapping is constantly maintained, and any other new pair that we wanted to support also gets mapped to the correct contract address.

The feed registry allows smart contracts to get the latest price of any supported asset pair given the base and quote token addresses, from a single contract. With this, Alpha Oracle Aggregator can rely on the registry to aggregate the latest prices from any of the supported assets on Chainlink instead of having to manually find the target contract address on our end.

Closing Thoughts

Security is key here at Alpha and we want to make sure that we minimize chances of errors in any way we can. We have constant reviews and upgrades to our new and existing products not only to improve ourselves and the user experience but also to protect users from any form of potential harm.

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