After an overwhelming response to the launch of Provably Rare Gems (GEMs), we are giving out The Excavator Grant and The Stonemason Grant for Alpha Wolves who are interested in helping us expand further into the Metaverse!

The Excavator Grant

With much of the community being retail-centric, many do not possess the computation power needed to efficiently mine the rarest gems on Provably Rare Gems. The mining software and mining pool from this grant will allow an average user to partake in mining gems as well.

The Excavator Grant will give up to 9 grants to those who build

  • 1) Basic mining software (up to $1,000 grant)
  • 2) GPU mining software ($3,000 - $5,000 grant)
  • 3) Mining pool integrating with GPU mining software ($3,000 - $5,000 grant)

We will give up to 3 grants for each category. For more details on this grant, check out the grant post on the Alpha Forum here.

The Stonemason Grant

The stats since Provably Rare Gems launch showed us how excited the community is with the Alpha Metaverse expansion. So, we want to engage with the community on driving usages for these GEMs and grow the Alpha Metaverse!

This is why we would like to welcome you with this amazing challenge, “The Stonemason” grant. Essentially, Alpha Wolves are put to task in finding and implementing use cases and applications for these GEMs.

If you are building a new NFT project, find a way to incorporate these GEMs and receive a grant for it! Or are you developing a game? Incorporate these GEMs in your game and receive grant and shoutouts from Alpha!

Grant amount ranges from $1,000 - $10,000, depending on a case-by-case basis. You can think of this grant as a bootstrapping capital, so you can kickstart the ecosystem and be a part of this together.

For more details on this grant, check out the grant post on the Alpha Forum here.