Earn on Compound + ibETH + COMP

Earn on Compound + ibETH + COMP

Last week, we launched the “Earn on Compound + ibETH” feature on Alpha Homora. We want to highlight this feature to the Alpha and Compound communities because users can gain from 3 different sources at the same time!

"Earn on Compound + ibETH" is an integration between Compound and Alpha Homora (the first leveraged yield farming product in DeFi and the product by Alpha Finance Lab). Through Alpha Homora frontend, users will be able to lend assets on Compound, have those assets be used as collateral, borrow ETH from Compound, and lend ETH borrowed on Alpha Homora (upon lending ETH on Alpha Homora, lenders will get ibETH, the interest-bearing ETH, token back).

Since Compound is distributing COMP to both lenders and borrowers, users using this feature through Alpha Homora will also receive COMP tokens.

This means your net gain will come from 3 different sources at the same time while only paying the borrow APY on ETH to Compound.

  • + deposit APY of assets lent on Compound
  • + deposit APY of ETH on Alpha Homora
  • + Actual COMP APY
  • - borrow APY of ETH on Compound

For a step-by-step guide on how to use this feature, please refer to the document here.

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