Eighth Open Letter to Iron Bank

As a result of the recent voting to determine a path forward regarding an issue with Iron Bank (IB), depositors, who interacted with Alpha Homora frontend to deposit funds into IB, have voted to stop negotiating with IB (Path 1).

As outlined in the details of Path 1, IB will have until April 28, 2023 8AM UTC (120 hours since the voting ended) to unfreeze the depositors’ funds before Alpha and users 1/ work together to take appropriate legal action against IB and 2/ discuss a separate goodwill fund that Alpha will set up for depositors.

Alpha Homora and IB’s collaboration started on a friendly ground, and we hope we can end the collaboration on a friendly ground as well. Alpha Homora is thankful for the service IB offers to Alpha Homora and apologizes for any issue that occurs during our collaboration. Therefore, if there are still impacted depositors after IB releases all depositors’ funds, Alpha Homora is willing to work with and help those depositors to be made whole as much as possible.