Ninth Open Letter to Users

Calling all AH users to vote on this proposal submitted by users to IB

Voting ends May 7, 11:59PM UTC.

Since the end of 120 hours, we have been preparing to set up goodwill fund and other details as outlined in Path 1. Though majority of users voted for Path 1, some users wanted to negotiate with Iron Bank (IB) one last time with a solution that is slightly different than Path 2 that was not chosen. We will hold off on sharing details of goodwill fund, so users have one last chance to negotiate with IB.

What’s Next?

AH will follow this proposal if majority of users vote for this and if IB accept.

All negotiations will end and Path 1 will be the only way forward with no further negotiation if majority of users do not vote for this or if IB does not accept.