Extending ibETH/ALPHA Trading Volume Mining on Uniswap

Extending ibETH/ALPHA Trading Volume Mining on Uniswap

Trading Volume Mining program of ibETH/ALPHA pair on Uniswap that is due to be completed on January 15th, 12pm UTC will be extended to January 22nd, 12pm UTC (1 week).

After January 22nd, Trading Volume Mining program will still be available but with different mechanics, which we will share more details as we approach January 22nd or the end of this extension.

Trading Volume Mining for ibETH/ALPHA pool

  • 800,000 ALPHA will be distributed to liquidity providers of ibETH/ALPHA pool in a form of high trading fees.
  • This means that the rewards in a form of trading fees APY will be reflected when you remove liquidity (not airdropped to your wallet). This is similar to when you get trading fees APY when providing liquidity to other pools.
  • Users can provide liquidity directly on Uniswap or through Alpha Homora (ALPHA Pools section), as Alpha Homora simplifies the process for users.
  • For more details on Trading Volume Mining, refer to here.

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