Alpha Homora v2 has officially launched!

This marks the beginning of Alpha Homora v2 migration and the ending of meme competition.

To celebrate the launch of Alpha Homora v2, we are going to distribute Alpha Homora v2 NFT to selected users; these NFTs can be used to unlock 3-month PRO membership on!

Recap of Alpha Homora V2

Yield farmers

Migration process for ETH/UNI and ETH/SUSHI pools has started. To learn more about the migration process, see here.

The 4 leveraged pools below are available now on Alpha Homora v2. For more details on how to leveraged yield farm, see here.

1️⃣ Curve’s 3pool (USDT, USDC, DAI)

→ Farming CRV

→ Can choose to take leverage (or borrow to yield farm) on USDT, USDC, and DAI

2️⃣ Balancer’s PERP/USDC (80/20)

→ Farming PERP

→ Leverage on USDC

3️⃣ SushiSwap’s ETH/SUSHI (migrating from v1)

→ Farming SUSHI

→ Leverage on ETH

4️⃣ Uniswap’s ETH/UNI (migrating from v1)

→ Leverage on ETH

For tomorrow, Feb 2nd, we will start migrating Uniswap’s ETH/DPI and SushiSwap’s ETH/DPI pools to Alpha Homora V2.


Lenders can now lend ETH, USDT, USDC, and DAI. As we continue to add more leveraged pools, there will be more assets lenders can lend to get the corresponding ibTokensV2. 🚀

For more details on how to lend on Alpha Homora v2, see here.

Alpha Homora V2 NFT

Alpha Homora V2 NFT is brought to you by is a liquidity pool analytics service/dapp that allows liquidity providers’ to track their pool positions in real-time.

Alpha Homora V2 NFT will grant 3 months access (until 4/30/21) to PRO with features like real time prices, historical profit/loss history, expedited query speeds, pool search and more.

How do we distribute these NFTs?

On Monday, starting from Feb 8th, we will randomly select and announce 5 addresses on Twitter that will receive these NFTs. The 5 addresses will be randomly selected from a pool of addresses that use Alpha Homora V2 in the previous week (in this case from Feb 1st to Feb 8th). The program will run for 4 weeks, and in total, 20 NFTs will be distributed.

Meme Competition

The meme competition has also now ended! Thank you everyone who participated!

We will now select the top 10 memes and post on Community channel on Alpha Finance Lab Discord for community members to vote. The meme with the highest number of likes wins. Community members will have 48 hours to vote. Afterwards, the team will contact the winners and give the rewards.