Announcing liquidation notifications by EPNS for Alpha Homora Users

Announcing liquidation notifications by EPNS for Alpha Homora Users

Alpha Homora V2 integration with Ethereum Push Notifications Service (EPNS) is now live! Alpha Homora V2 users can now receive notifications on their mobile devices when their positions are at liquidation risk.

Notifications will be sent to Alpha Homora V2 users when they have positions that are coming close to liquidation risk or are already at liquidation risk. With this, users will be able to manage their positions with ease and not have to worry about their farming positions, removing the need to constantly check their positions.

How can users start receiving notifications?

Step 1:

To receive notifications, users will have to go to and connect their wallets to the Ropsten Test Network.

Note: Even though users have to connect via Ropsten testnet, they will still be able to receive notifications on the EPNS mobile app.

Step 2:

Click on the Faucet Ropsten icon, enter your wallet address and receive testnet Ether provided by the faucet.

Step 3:

Return to the EPNS browser app and find the Alpha Homora channel under ‘Channels’. Then, click subscribe and sign on the wallet interface. The system will require you to pay the testnet Ether claimed earlier from the faucet.

Step 4:

Download the EPNS IOS/Android App on your mobile device, and once you have entered your wallet address within the app, you will be able to start receiving notifications.

The EPNS team has also mentioned that they are in the process of releasing a browser extension, which will allow users to receive notifications from their browser once it is available.

What kind of notifications can users receive and when?

Once users subscribe to the channel and download the app, they will be able to start receiving notifications about upcoming liquidation of positions once the positions are at liquidation risk.

What can users do after receiving the notification?

Users can either go straight to the Alpha Homora V2 site to refill their positions, or use the “Call-To-Action” feature by EPNS and be directed to the Alpha Homora V2 site.

Closing Thoughts

As we continue to shape the Alpha Ecosystem, we place our users as our top priority. While the user base continues to grow, we are constantly finding new ways to improve the user experience on our products for all types of users, new and advanced.

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