ibETH/ALPHA and ibETHv2/ALPHA Pools

ibETH/ALPHA and ibETHv2/ALPHA Pools

ibETHv2/ALPHA pool has been added on SushiSwap’s smart contract! The pool will show up on https://sushiswap.fi/ frontend after several hours. To simplify things, let us break down the information into a timeline for our community below.

Feb 3rd, 1pm UTC - Feb 4th, 1pm UTC:

  • ALPHA incentives continue on Uniswap’s ibETH/ALPHA pool

Feb 3rd, 9pm UTC:

  • ibETHv2/ALPHA is supported on SushiSwap’s frontend (https://sushiswap.fi/)
  • ibETHv2/ALPHA pool starts receiving SUSHI rewards

Feb 4th ~1pm UTC:

  • ibETHv2/ALPHA pool is supported on Alpha Homora V2 frontend (https://homora-v2.alphafinance.io/)
  • Alpha Homora v2 adds migration support to facilitate migrating liquidity from ibETH/ALPHA to ibETHv2/ALPHA pool.

The 2 main differences between supplying on SushiSwap directly vs. on Alpha Homora V2 are:

1️⃣ ibETHv2/ALPHA pool on Alpha Homora V2 allows liquidity providers to provide only ibETHv2 or ALPHA or both assets in any proportion.

2️⃣ ibETHv2/ALPHA pool on Alpha Homora V2 allows liquidity providers to provide ETH (instead of ibETHv2) since Alpha Homora V2 will help convert ETH to ibETHv2 for liquidity providers. This means, even if liquidity providers have only ETH, you will be able to provide ETH to the ibETHv2/ALPHA pool through Alpha Homora V2.

Later this month in February, we will then start Trading Volume Mining program again on ibETHv2/ALPHA pool on SushiSwap, distributing ALPHA to liquidity providers in a form of high trading fees.

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