Introducing the Latest Web3 Innovations From Alpha Incubate

Introducing the Latest Web3 Innovations From Alpha Incubate

We’re delighted to formally introduce you to our first batch incubated projects from the Alpha Incubate program! From 260 projects evaluated by the Alpha team, here are the top 3 projects that we’ll be discussing today:

With mentorship from Alpha Network, a growing community of Web3 thought leaders, these high-potential projects are fine-tuned to achieve their highest quality to bring real value to Web3.

Alpha Incubate Batch 2 program is now OPEN. Apply here by November 27, 2022 at 11:59pm UTC.

Daft Analytics (Daft Dogz)

An Automated NFT Ranking and Analytics Platform

If you’re an investor looking to invest in NFT, the very first question that comes to mind would and where should I start?

The most common approach would be to start by following NFT influencers on Twitter, which will then lead you to the Discord channel of different NFT projects. Unlike minted NFTs, pre-mint NFTs do not have any on-chain data, which means the users have to rely on social analytics to evaluate the NFTs.

Daft Analytics believes that NFT price and volume movements are driven by community and social engagement. The activity of a community is what defines the value of the NFT project. However, the team noticed the following challenges when evaluating community values and therefore aims to address them:

  • Identifying organic and inorganic growth (eg. paid promotions, bots and more)
  • Noisy social data (twitter and discord)
  • Evaluating the hype cycle

To validate the need for social analytics in the NFT space, Daft Analytics launched ‘Daft Bot’. Daft bot is a discord bot that monitors NFT influencers in Twitter and uses machine learning to rank early alphas (influencers that share exclusive information about various NFT projects and opportunities that are not known by most people).

Not only that, the team has built Daft Analytics that handles detailed social analytics for pre-mint NFTs. The NFTs are ranked based on Daft scores, in which machine learning is used to factor in different social scores. Daft Analytics is the only platform that manages historical data for both Twitter and Discord.

Being the first-mover in the off chain NFT analytics space allows them to be the only platform to have valid historical data. This means, even if a new NFT analytics platform emerges, they would not be able to obtain the same level of historical data that Daft Analytics has in their database. To this day, they are the only accessible and user-friendly market intelligence platform that handles off-chain data to evaluate NFTs.

Interested to learn more?
Follow their Twitter account here and stay tuned for more updates on the public launch.


A Web3 Native Forum That Prevents Sybil Attacks by Verifying On-Chain Assets

Do you know the easiest way to evaluate a crypto project?

Metaforo believes that discussion forums are the first place you should go to evaluate the project. If the project has an active discussion forum but is still at a low market cap, then you’ve found a gem!

Since discussion forums can dictate a project's success, it is crucial that crypto projects should not overlook them. However, many projects today are struggling with the Sybil attacks that are happening within the Web2 forums (when an individual uses multiple email accounts to twist voting results). Manipulating the voting mechanism is undoubtedly the biggest threat to DAOs, but this problem can now be solved with Metaforo.

Metaforo brings a Web3 solution to the project's discussion forum. With tons of essential Web3 features, projects can migrate everything from discourse to web3 in an hour.

Several notable crypto projects like ShapeShift have already completely migrated to Metaforo and said goodbye to the threat of Sybil attacks. Here are some of the features of Metaforo:

  • Off-chain governance
  • Layer 2 tipping
  • Decentralized data storage
  • 3rd-party Web3 integration
  • Discord connection

Metaforo aims to be a one-stop station for the community to work, discuss, and vote, essentially creating a perfect working environment for crypto projects.

Interested to learn more?
Follow their Twitter account here and stay tuned for more updates on the public launch.


Building Secure Reserve Asset Layer

Do you ever feel like investing in DeFi to optimize yields can be overwhelming and complicated at times?

So do we! This happens for both new and experienced users, especially as more DeFi protocols emerge into the space. Hence, Sharpe's ultimate goal is to simplify investing in DeFi by building decentralized systematic structured investment products tailored to meet users’ specific needs and risk tolerance.

Sharpe, a Web3 asset management protocol, building multi-strategy risk-managed structured investment products, enables the positions that are being taken to automatically be rebalanced, adjusted, and compounded. Sharpe abstracts the complexity for users to invest in DeFi by combining multiple protocols and primitives to create investment products that perform across bull and bear markets.

The protocol sits as a middleware between DeFi protocols and the users, actively monitors risk and systematically adjusts and compounds users’ positions to earn the highest yield.

Sharpe is built on three fundamental pillars: capital efficiency, composability, and multi-strategy.  

In phase 1, Sharpe will be building 5 investment strategies:

  • Liquidity provision on AMMs
  • Delta neutral leverage yield farming
  • Perpetuals funding rate arbitrage
  • Staking cash-carry premia
  • Hedged leverage liquid staking

Sharpe focuses on generating returns on stablecoins and adopting market-neutral positions to avoid making degenerative bets, as opposed to other structured investment protocols that only focus on producing returns on any tokens users deposit.

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Follow their Twitter account here and stay tuned for more updates on the public launch.

Closing Thoughts

Alpha Incubate is not just a program. We are your Build Partner. Along with the Alpha Network, we offer every incubated project with an effective business plan from all dynamic angles, whether it's  product-market fit, tech advice, tokenomics, or even fund-raising strategies. For any team that wants to get this experience, our application for the next batch is now open. Check it out here!

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