New Liquidity Mining Period & Rewards for Homora V2 on Ethereum

New Liquidity Mining Period & Rewards for Homora V2 on Ethereum


Important Announcement:
This will be the last liquidity mining period to distribute ALPHA as reward for Homora V2 on Ethereum.

Announcing the new liquidity mining period for Homora V2 on Ethereum:

April 12th 8am UTC - May 10th 8am UTC.

Homora V2 on Ethereum

For those who are still on Homora V1, users are encouraged to migrate to V2.
The new liquidity mining period and when to claim ALPHA rewards will be:

  • New period
    April 12th - May 10th: Claimable on May 17th
  • Last period
    March 16th - April 12th: Claimable on April 19th

For more details on how to claim these rewards, please see our guide.

During this period, 250,000 ALPHA will be distributed among the following eligible users

100% to Homora V2 users who open leveraged positions of more than 1x (including leverage yield farming and leverage liquidity providing positions):

  • Eligible users will receive ALPHA rewards proportionately to the value of assets they borrow vs. the total value of assets borrowed on Homora V2.
  • For users who already have leverage positions of at least 1x open, there’s no need to close and re-open a new position to collect these ALPHA rewards.

Note: The claimable period is one week after the liquidity mining period ends because it requires one week of processing time for the rewards. If you see that the rewards are claimable a few days before the claimable date, it means that our team has completed the processing time earlier than expected.

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