November Monthly Summary

November Monthly Summary

Hello Alpha Wolves community!

We hope that November has been a great month for you. If you are reading this from places that celebrate Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving🦃 ! This month, we invited our community to venture more into the realm of metaverse with us through several of our new releases.

The summary will be broken down into the following sections:

  1. GuildFi: 3rd Alpha Launchpad Project
  2. Alpha DeFi Ecosystem
      a. Alpha Homora
      b. Alpha Homora x Gro Protocol integration
      c. AlphaX

3. Alpha Tokenomics

4. Alpha Launchpad Incubator Program

5. Alpha Metaverse

6. Alpha Wolves Community

GuildFi: 3rd Alpha Launchpad Project 🎯

This month on November 15, Alpha Finance Lab announced Alpha launchpad’s 3rd incubated project, GuildFi. This is a big moment for us as it proves Alpha Finance Lab’s ability and commitment to venture into Metaverse. With GuildFi, players can discover quality GameFi, acquire NFT, join guilds, and access gaming tools to maximize benefits and rewards across the metaverse. Once the token is released, 1% of the total circulation will be distributed to ALPHA stakers.

Alpha DeFi Ecosystem 🌐

Don't miss out on the most updated news about the Alpha DeFi Ecosystem here.

Alpha Homora V2 on Avalanche

TVL for Alpha Homora V2 on Avalanche since surpassing 100 million TVL 

It has only been a little over a month since Alpha Homora V2 has been launched on Avalanche. The TVL continued to soar and has now surpassed $250M with more than 500 active positions without any additional incentives added yet. We can’t wait to see how much more it can grow once the incentive program kicks in. *hint hint*

Alpha Homora x Gro Protocol integration on Avalanche

For the first time, we will be having a special integration & partnership in which other protocols will be integrating and building their product on top of Alpha Homora’s leverage yield farming functionality.

More exciting news will be released soon, so be on the lookout!


AlphaX testnet was introduced a while back but it is now FINALLY getting its first mainnet debut on Avalanche. As AlphaX is a gas fee sensitive product, we believe it is the most beneficial decision to deploy on Avalanche for our users. The official release will be happening in early December along with new assets and UI enhancements to make it even easier to use.

For those who are new or would like to try out the testnet first:

Alpha Tokenomics 🐺

There are around 241M ALPHA currently staked on Alpha Tokenomics. To put in another context, 241M translates to 54.12% of the circulating supply.

First Alpha Launchpad Project Token Allocation

Beta Finance’s lockup period for the token allocation to ALPHA stakers ended this month. The first claimable period began on November 23 and will be broken down into 4 periods in total. ALPHA stakers can choose to claim their allocated token during any claimable periods. If left unclaimed when the claimable period is active, the allocated token will be accumulated for users to claim on the following period.

Alpha Launchpad 🎯

Don't miss out on the most updated news about the Alpha Launchpad program here.

Beta Finance

With the release of BETA token allocation from the first Alpha Launchpad project, Beta Finance has also prepared several incentive programs to welcome the Alpha wolves into the Beta community.

Staking Opportunity on Uniswap V3
Beta Finance has prepared a total of 1.7M BETA as incentive for liquidity providers. This program will be open until January and users can participate with 3 simple steps:

  1. Provide liquidity for the BETA/ETH (1% Fee) pool on Uniswap V3
  2. Stake the Uniswap V3 BETA/ETH LP tokens on the Beta Finance DApp
  3. Start earning rewards!
BETA Staking Opportunity on Uniswap V3

For more details and a step-by-step guide, you can read more on Beta’s blog here.

Lending Market on Beta Finance
Beta Finance has also released a new lending market on the DApp for users who just want to earn interest from lending BETA. This will be a less complicated way to earn yields as users don’t have to be worried about using setting price range on Uniswap V3 and only BETA is required.

For more details, you can read more on Beta’s gitbook here.

pSTAKE Finance

Our 2nd incubated project, pSTAKE, has raised $10M from their strategic funding round with notable investors including 3AC, Sequoia India, Galaxy Digital, DeFiance Capital and many more.


With the successful launch of GuildFi, many have been asking about how to get their hands on GF token. Aside from the token allocation for ALPHA stakers, those who are interested in getting more GF token, GuildFi will be hosting a Token Launch Auction for users to partake. This will be happening on December 1st and the auction will provide the community with a fair and equal opportunity to participate. More details can be found here.

Alpha Metaverse 🔮

Don't miss out on the most updated news about the Alpha Metaverse ecosystem here.

On the topic of Metaverse, we have added 3 new NFT collections to Alpha Buy Wall from Afrodroids, DeepBlack, and The n project. You can view them directly on:

More details here.

Alpha Wolves Community 🐾

This month we have been digging deeply on the topic of Metaverse and had the honor to speak with co-founder of GuildFi, Jarindr Thitadilaka, to discuss this further.  

We dedicated this month’s talk to share with our audience about our latest incubated project on Alpha Launchpad joined with Jarindr from GuildFi.

Alpha Morning Coffee Chat ☕️

EP. 4: Enter the Metaverse through GuildFi (Nov 26th 2021)

Podcast 🎙

EP. 4: Announcing Alpha Launchpad’s Third Incubated Project: GuildFi

Closing Thoughts

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