Twitter Spaces Recap: September 24th 2021

Twitter Spaces Recap: September 24th 2021

The September 24th Twitter Spaces session was a great opportunity for Alpha Team to shed light on alpha leaks, clarify any concerns in the community,  as well as act as an open floor for Tushar to share more about pSTAKE Finance. For some of you who may have missed that session, read this summary article to catch up with the rest!

pSTAKE Finance Section - Tuschar answered

So once you stake your assets, you lose liquidity. PSTAKE gives liquidity to your staked assets, which can be used to supply liquidity on DEXes or used as collateral on borrowing and lending. We will try to capture the Cosmos ecosystem so that various coins on this chain can be liquid stake. PSTAKE will also act as a proof-of-stake (POS) asset management, meaning it will stake your POS asset while you use its representation on other DeFi protocols.

Currently, we just lifted all caps on ATOM staking, and will continue to see if everything on the platform will run smoothly. We will continue to educate the public on liquid staking as it is very new to the blockchain market, hence, in the next 6 months we will be rolling out many coins and increasing the usage of those coins.

Apart from this, Alpha Launchpad has been a very great experience for us too. Instead of us trying to ask things from Alpha, the Alpha Team was the one that pushed us to work faster and more effectively. More importantly, Alpha Launchpad also helps us to connect with investors and the community, by opening our doors in the industry like never before.  

Alpha Section

AlphaX - Tascha answered

AlphaX is expanding a new way to do derivatives in a DeFi native way, unlike the existing products that are still trying to target users who experienced traders. AlphaX will be targeting everyone in the DeFi market that wants to have exposure on an asset. This means anyone can pick up the product and use it on day one.

When thinking about AlphaX, imagine that there are only two things users have to think about, which are whether the asset will be bullish or bearish and what will the price floor/ceiling be. For instance, if you feel bullish on ETH and what price floor, or the price that you are confident that ETH price will not fall to, will be. After that users can come to AlphaX and buy tokens representing their position according to their answers to the 2 questions. That's it!

So we would like to invite the community to come in and play around with the AlphaX public testnet this week, which there will be a lot of activities for the whole community to do and get a reward for testing and spreading the word. #ALPHAX

Alpha Homora Launching on Avalanche - Tascha answered

We are aggressive at expanding Alpha Homora V2 to other chains and L-2s now, starting with Avalanche.Nevertheless, this will not be the last stop, as we plan to build our products to become applicable to various chains in the future.

sALPHA - Jade Answered

The problem was on how to reduce selling pressure on ALPHA tokens while still benefiting Alpha Homora users and other key players in the ALPHA ecosystem.

So we decided to propose distributing sALPHA instead of ALPHA in the liquidity mining program. What’s going to change here is when users claim rewards, the sALPHA rewards will be automatically sent to Alpha Tokenomics instead of directly receiving the ALPHA tokens.

This means to claim the rewards, users will have to go through a traditional unstaking period of 30 days. But what is interesting here is these liquidity mining rewards are accruing MORE staking rewards, multiplying the overall yields because sALPHA will keep accruing more ALPHA from protocol fees and also get the Alpha Launchpad token in addition too!

So in summary. The benefits from changing from distributing ALPHA to sALPHA are …

1. Enjoy extra ALPHA rewards (from staking rewards) on top of yield farming rewards

2. Earn high-quality tokens from Alpha Launchpad projects. These are high-quality projects that have been vetted and advised by Alpha Launchpad

3. Be integrated with the whole Alpha Universe and benefit more from the growth of Alpha Finance Lab

4. Unlock higher Alpha Tiers, allowing users to unlock even higher leverage on Alpha Homora V2

Un-clouding Metaverse - Tascha answered

We have a different team called “hack team” that focuses mainly on researching, exploring, and experimenting with new innovations on blockchain technology with the goal to expand Alpha product suite beyond DeFi to new industry segments. The new industry segment that the team sees huge potential and growth is NFTs/Metaverse area. So when the right timing comes for this industry segment, we will have a team ready to build and innovate on the metaverse realm, capturing more value to the Alpha Ecosystem.

Q & A Session

Question 1: For liquid staking ATOM tokens, is there going to be an ERC-20 representation of the staked tokens? Or does it have to be accessed through a specific platform?

Answer: The issued stkTOKENs will be in the form of ERC-20 token

Question 2: From what I can see Cream Finance is not on Avalanche, how will the lending on Alpha Homora V2 be when moving to this new chain?

Answer: Iron Bank will be launching on Avalanche before Alpha Homora V2 launches there.

Closing Thoughts

We will try to bring various interesting topics to share with our community. Although the Spaces also act as a platform for our community to ask us any questions or feedback. The Alpha Wolves community can expect Bi-Weekly Twitter Spaces every month. If you want to suggest any topics we talk about on Spaces, suggest them here.

P.S. We will have a surprise Twitter episode this Friday to uncover AlphaX so stay tuned!

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