Monthly Summary October

Monthly Summary October

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In about 2 months, it’s going to be 2023! Time actually flies when you are having fun! During October we have been pushing out many innovative features alongside hosting many memorable events. This article will catch you up to speed on our expansive ecosystem. Are you ready?

Alpha Incubate

We’re less than 1 month away until the Alpha Incubate Batch 2 application closes on November 27, 2022, at 11:59pm UTC! Apply here!

To all DeFi builders out there, you sure would not want to miss the opportunity, because for this batch, we are partnering with Polygon and Sei to further elevate your experience at Alpha Incubate.

Yes, you heard it! Incubatees of this batch will not only get mentorship with Sei and Polygon, but you will also be fast tracked to be considered for grants from these leading L1s, receive marketing support, and many more perks that you can take advantage of.

Read here for more details on our partnership!

If you wonder how the mentorship with Alpha Network, a growing community of top minds in Web 3.0, works at Alpha Incubate, listen here to Tascha, our co-founder, talk about how we offer you personalized mentorship!

Want to hear an honest review of the experience at Alpha Incubate? Listen to our incubatees from Alpha Incubate Batch 1 share about their time with us here!

Also, huge cheers to Oasis Network for joining our AMA session this month to share about the Sapphire Hackathon and educate how builders can now bring privacy and scalability to their dApps. If you want to know how, listen here!

Moreover, we’ve recently announced our tech partnership with Band Protocol and Moralis for our incubatees! See below for the perks you’ll get from this program. P.S. Keep an eye out for more tech partnerships that will bring you so many more benefits.

Last but definitely not least, this month we’ve stepped up our incubation experience for our incubatees and members in the Alpha Network with the exclusive yacht trip in Phuket! Big thanks to everyone who came, and shout out to our sponsors who made the trip happen!

At Alpha Incubate, we believe communicating without formality in offline meetups is much more effective than in online meetings. Hence, you’ll be able to form close bonds with key crypto leaders and core contributors.

We’ll definitely be hosting more offline events soon, so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, ALPHA stakers! The 5th batch of GF token allocation is now complete. You can claim your GF tokens here!


In October, Homora V2 rolled out several internal improvements to enhance the usability and farming experience for our users. On the UI side, we introduced a brand new UI to users on the farming page. Users can now complete and preview all the actions all in one interface, simplifying the farming steps even further. For full details, please check out our short thread on Twitter. Since farming on Uniswap V3 has a totally different mechanism, this change will not be applied to pools on Uniswap V3. Aside from the big change, we have updated the position breakdown under Your Positions to reflect more details as well as adding a new partnership/integration section on Homepage to pave the way for the next growth phase.

On Optimism, we have also been actively working behind the scenes on the Optimism Grant. We have been listening to the feedback received from the OP delegates and the community to improve our proposal. The co-proposal with Iron Bank has now been passed and will be moving to the voting stage. Wish us luck! Aside from that, our product team participated in an interview with Cypto Coin Show along with Iron Bank and Yearn Finance to share more details on our latest launch on Optimism.

Aside from the big development updates, Homora V2 is now available on Zapper where users can track their portfolio or positions on Homora easily. There has also been another small update regarding the debt rebalance on USDT.

Upcoming next, we will have quite a lot of new updates on Avalanche, specifically rolling out new pseudo-delta neutral strategies with Aperture Finance! Be on the lookout for the new strategies that will be deployed very soon.


Alpha Venture DAO is always looking for ways to expand the usability of blockchain technology to as many people as possible. With this, we introduced ZAAP intending to give anyone the ability to seamlessly create an NFT collection and make use of its smart contract for both real-world and Web 3.0 applications.

Phase 1 for ZAAP

During this initial phase, we expanded towards traditional artists, the user group that we believe will benefit most at this stage of blockchain adoption. We called out to local traditional artists to join our NFT workshop which aims to educate and transform them into NFT artists. As promised, this is a recap video on the ZAAP x CEA offline event. Click here to watch the recap video.

In addition, we also asked some artists, who were quite successful in their field of work, to give an honest review of the workshop and how ZAAP will help them distribute art in the future. What did they say? Watch the video below to find out!

Why Should You Care

Nowadays, many NFT creators and collectors fail to understand the concept of true smart contract ownership. This is due to the type of market (primary or secondary) these NFT projects are being launched from. Collectors and creators should aim to purchase and launch the NFT collection from a primary market platform to truly utilize the smart contract technology of those NFTs.

Transforming Traditional Artist to NFT Artist

During October, we worked closely with Pramaul Thungprue, one of the artists on ZAAP. Pramaul is one of the notable artists in the Thai traditional art market. Like other traditional artists, he wanted to expand his work exposure to the international level via NFT technology. With this, he plans to deliver the actual painting to anyone who mints his NFT from ZAAP without any cost (delivered by ship in a tube).

Read more about this collection here

We plan to host more workshops and onboard more creators to our platform. What do you think about ZAAP? Are you interested in participating in our future events? Let us know on our Discord server (ZAAP-Chat).

💡 Did you know that we also have an Instagram account? Follow us to get the latest news on this product.

Alpha Academy

This month, our research team analyzed different scaling solutions for Ethereum, including state channels, plasmas, validiums, rollups, and sidechains, and how these solutions have evolved over time. Read here.

On top of that, we’ve also published another podcast episode with the Co-Founder of Osmosis Labs, Sunny Aggarwal speaking about the Osmosis Product Journey. Listen here to discover what it takes to make a great product!

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