Upcoming Roadmap & Changes on Homora V2 (Part 1)

Upcoming Roadmap & Changes on Homora V2 (Part 1)

Last week, we introduced a brand new landing page visual to Homora V2 users as a way to tease some of the latest work we have put into. Throughout the past few months, we have been aggressively working internally and externally to tackle the feedbacks we have received from the community. As a result, we would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the key goals and changes we plan to bring in the upcoming months for Homora V2. This update will be broken down into two parts where the first part will be mainly focused on the big picture and the changes that happened in February.

Since Homora V2’s deployment on Avalanche in October 2021, we have surpassed 600M TVL in under a very short time but have also seen some friction that is stagnating the growth of the product. To ensure we are able to expand and onboard more users, our team is working closely to crack the ways to growth hack and scale, which will be categorized into 4 main areas:

  1. Lending
  2. Expanding
  3. Repositioning
  4. Scaling

At the beginning of February, we have shared a high-level roadmap for what can be expected from Homora V2 this year. As more details have been confirmed, we hope Homora users will be as excited as we are with the new changes that are on their way!


Homora is a lending and leveraged yield farming platform that incentivizes borrowers to borrow by offering high APR from farming yield, which in return provides high lending APY for the lenders. To encourage more lenders to lend, we have introduced more assets to the list so more users can earn high yields from idle assets. Throughout February, Homora V2 has already added native USDC, MIM, and ALPHA.e as new lending assets with more to come.


To offer Homora users more flexibility and variety, our team is actively seeking to increase pool options and deploy new pools regularly without compromising safety and security. The process of listing new pools will still undergo quality selection to ensure it can offer high liquidity, high trading volume, and high yields for yield farmers. Throughout February, Homora V2 has already added Trader Joe’s AVAX/UST, USDC/USDC.e, AVAX/MIM, and AVAX/ALPHA.e as new pools with more to come.


Homora has the vision to be the go-to protocol across key chains and L2s that offers the highest yields and safest environments for DeFi users to boost yields. In order to make that vision happen, Homora will be repositioning itself to align with the needs of the community. In the short term, we will focus heavily on UI/UX revamp to reduce friction for users and introduce new elements to Homora that will fully capture the essence of this product's potential and the values it can create for users.


If you have been following our social channels closely, you might’ve already seen some of the leaks related to scaling Homora V2 to other chains. Homora is currently the largest multi-chain lending and leverage yield farming protocol and we will continue to bring the yield boosting opportunity to other chains quickly and securely. Aside from that, be on the lookout as we will scale our product through more partnerships and collaborations in the DeFi space as well.

Closing Thoughts

DeFi is still in its early stages and there is still a lot of work that can be done with Homora. This year, we want to make sure that Homora has a clearer brand identity, a stronger first impression, and a simpler customer journey. We want to make Homora more like a home to all DeFi users and this is only the beginning. For the next part of the changes, we will unpack more details on the team’s user-centered design approach in the upcoming UI/UX plan for Homora V2. Stay tuned!

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