Alpha Launchpad’s View on Metaverse and Our Next Steps

Alpha Launchpad’s View on Metaverse and Our Next Steps

Regarding our previous blog on Marching Into Metaverse, we would like to further elaborate our perspective on this trend, and highlight the key factors that determine our first step into the Metaverse.

A parallel universe that can extend beyond the physical limits is known as the "Metaverse," where we will all exist as avatars and immersively live in it. As more NFT is integrated with the advanced VR and AR technologies that enable us to visualize a shared virtual space, we can freely customize our future metaverse based on our liking. Consequently, people will develop a stronger bond with this parallel world as they translate their assets, such as houses, avatars, and collectibles, into this virtual world. By creating NFTs using blockchain technology, users will be able to monetize their assets. This is because NFTs give us the authority to true ownership, and blockchain provides us with the security needed as it brings transparency into the network. We’re convinced that most of us will eventually shift towards this space because people naturally have an innate need to possess, and the Metaverse's decentralized environment caters to this demand. Our Alpha Launchpad incubator program focuses on incubating projects that drive growth in the blockchain ecosystem. Hence, we're prepared for this disruption and aim to be at the forefront of the Metaverse as part of our plan to expand the Alpha Universe.

Gaming in Metaverse

Inevitably, the metaverse will become an integral part of our lives, as it already has in the game industry that has long adopted this concept. By the end of 2021, the number of gamers across the world is estimated to hit 3.24 billion, which means over 40% of the world population is taking part in the gaming industry. According to DappRadar, GameFi users have risen 71% to over 1.2 million users since June 2021.

The explosive growth of users within just a few months shows the strong demand to set foot in games on the blockchain. This is mainly due to the play-to-earn model that successfully captured gamers’ attention. As a result, a gaming giant like Ubisoft began to invest in blockchain games, changing the perspectives of many on the game industry. We realize the huge potential games can grow and advance the metaverse space, creating many more investment opportunities. However, people are facing several challenges that are restricting them from participating. Thus, this is where GuildFi, the third Alpha Launchpad project, comes in to address the market gap. Alpha Launchpad has been advising and supporting GuildFi in lowering the barriers to entry and elevating gamers’ onboarding experiences into the GameFi world.

Entering the Metaverse with GuildFi

GuildFi is not like any other guilds, as they are a platform ready to support the exponential growth of games on blockchain. Any kind of users who want to enter the Metaverse will find GuildFi lowering the barriers to entry, as they provide all the necessary tools and support to get started. Their scholarship programs provide users with the required NFT, allowing them to play with no upfront cost. Users who want to participate in play-to-earn games but don’t have the initial capital can join guilds. We view that guilds are vital to making play-to-earn games sustainable as they are the gateway for large gaming communities to onboard the games. Given that GuildFi connects guild communities together, players will have numerous guilds to choose from based on their preference and the scholarship rate.

Anyone interested in seeing what's new and high-quality games may look here at GuildFi. They categorize games into categories such as play-to-earn, free-to-play, MMORPG, etc., making it easier for gamers to discover and choose games that fit them. Moreover, GuildFi enables interoperability, leading to all achievements from different games being combined and maximising the benefits for players.

Most importantly, we believe it's essential to also build a sustainable economy for investors and businesses for the Metaverse to grow, which is why GuildFi perfectly fulfills that requirement. Their Guild-as-a-Service (GaaS) feature allows NFT owners to monetize their assets by lending to guilds for players to generate revenue, or investors who want to have their own guild can bring their capital and GuildFi will do the rest, from purchasing NFTs to recruiting scholars.

For more information on GuildFi, click here.  

Looking Forward

We look forward to seeing more people entering the space with the help of platforms like GuildFi. Ultimately, as we position ourselves to support the key innovations and growth opportunities on blockchain, we will continue to seek opportunities and collaborate with partners to bring creativity in the Metaverse into reality to elevate our Alpha Universe and the overall blockchain landscape. Alpha holders can stake their tokens to experience other blockchain use cases and benefit from the entire ecosystem, not limited to DeFi and NFT, but also Metaverse.

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