Marching Into Metaverse with Alpha Launchpad

Marching Into Metaverse with Alpha Launchpad

Alpha Launchpad and its Mission and Role in Alpha Universe

Alpha Finance Lab aims to be a forefront blockchain lab through building and incubating many projects and ecosystems that started off with DeFi products, capturing unaddressed demand in an innovative and user friendly way.

When blockchain technology erupted, the idea of cryptocurrency was formed and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) became one of the main applications in this industry. In the beginning, Alpha Finance Lab focused heavily on DeFi products with the vision that DeFi is here to stay. However, as the blockchain industry evolves, so did Alpha Finance Lab as well.

As a result, Alpha Launchpad is created to ensure that as Alpha Finance Lab grows even further, we bring value to not only the Alpha Wolf community, but also to every participant including builders and users in all aspects of the blockchain industry.

When Alpha Launchpad was first created, it was the first and only launchpad program created by builders for builders. With our aim to be the Y-Combinator of blockchain, we are not just limiting ourselves to DeFi.

Working towards our vision, Alpha Finance Lab built the Alpha Universe. Alpha Universe includes the Alpha ecosystem, which consists of Alpha products that interoperate to maximize returns while minimizing risks for users, and other ecosystems incubated through the Alpha Launchpad incubator program.

Aside from growing and supporting talent in blockchain, we also want to ensure we are bringing the most benefits to ALPHA stakers. Each project incubated from Alpha Launchpad is well thought out with a plan to launch high-quality products and tokens and grow together as a strong Alpha Wolf community.

In light of the previously launched projects, our first project Beta Finance will soon be distributing 50M BETA to ALPHA stakers in total. For the second project, pSTAKE Finance, ALPHA stakers can look forward to receiving 25% of the allocation to ALPHA stakers once the pSTAKE token is launched as well.
All incubated projects will definitely be supported with a long-term vision and plan laid ahead in order to help these projects be successful. We aim to gain, provide, and build more long-term Web3 maximalist and heavy users that can grow with us and with all Launchpad’s new projects. If you have not joined us as an ALPHA staker, it is still not too late, as stakers can still accrue Alpha Launchpad project tokens.

How Alpha Launchpad Supports Incubated Projects

Selected incubated projects receive benefits from the areas of hands-on support, mentorship, and advice include

  1. Product-market fit: Fine-tune product ideas for the maximum product-market fit
  2. Tech consulting: Technical guidance, smart contract review, and mentorship pre and post launch for the maximum security and tech optimization
  3. Business & growth hacking consulting: Mentor and train the incubated projects on business, marketing, community building, investors relations, and growth hacking tactics to launch and grow successfully
  4. Token economics design: Innovate on tokenomics design to bring maximum utility and value accrual to the tokens.
  5. Fundraising process: Connect and onboard the right top-tier investors based on the nature of the DeFi  platforms and guide the incubated projects throughout the fundraising process
  6. Launch supported by Alpha: Alpha Wolf community will support the incubated projects at launch through providing support such as marketing, PR, and community building

Be a part of the Alpha Universe: Incubated projects will get to leverage a large user base of the Alpha Universe. Alpha Universe is consisted of Alpha products and other products incubated from Alpha Launchpad

Beta Finance

When Beta Finance entered the Alpha Launchpad incubator program, it was an early stage project with a product idea and a minimum-viable product. Alpha Launchpad incubation process started with fine-tuning the product idea and product mechanics to ensure maximum product market fit in DeFi. During product development the core Alpha development team provided hands-on technical and product mentorship, reviewed smart contracts in-depth, and connected the Beta Finance team to top security audit firms. Lastly, we mentored the team on the launch and marketing strategy to grow successfully. Even after the launch, Alpha Launchpad will continue to provide long-term mentorship and support, as Beta Finance is now a part of the Alpha Universe.

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As more and more ideas are coming to DeFi, many projects adopted the model for users to stake in order to incentivize users to provide long-term liquidity in the pool. However, one of the shortcomings is the inability to generate any returns on staked assets.

Although pSTAKE approached Alpha Launchpad at the very late stage of project launch, we still see a lot of potential with pSTAKE to fill in this market gap to unlock the liquidity of staked assets.

Since pSTAKE’s product has already been well developed, Alpha Launchpad provided more support in terms of marketing, community building, and fundraising process. As mentioned earlier, all projects and products deployed as part of Alpha ecosystem on the Alpha Universe are all long-term orientated. This means incubated projects will have access to a vast Web3 user base from our ALPHA stakers to a group of heavy DeFi users.  

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Implication of Blockchain Shifting Focus Into Metaverse

At this moment, one of the biggest trends in the blockchain could not be anything else but Metaverse, especially with the development of play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity that has over 1 million DAU. Many people may think of Metaverse as a new experience of 3D space but Metaverse is neither 3D, 2D, nor even necessarily graphical; it is about the inexorable dematerialization of physical space, distance, and objects that interlinks with one another. NFT and blockchain technology have made it possible for users to have full ownership of their digital assets and also create a whole new experience in a different virtual dimension.

There have already been many use cases in the Metaverse, with an example derogating into the realm of GameFi. With so much untapped potential still in the metaverse, it would be a big miss for Alpha to not grasp this opportunity. We are excited to see how we can play a role and make an impact on this community.

Now, without further ado, here’s a little exclusive announcement for those who have read up to here:

We are excited to share that Alpha Launchpad will be releasing our third project in the Metaverse in the coming week! We have seen the Metaverse potential growing exponentially, especially with the rise of Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and even rebranding of Facebook. As we build an even stronger Alpha Universe, with Alpha Launchpad, we’re here to support, expedite, and make projects stay.

For more information or those interested in applying:

Closing Thoughts

Alpha Launchpad’s incubator program was set up to ultimately bring insights and value to other builders in the space, grow the Alpha Universe, and ultimately capture value accrual to ALPHA stakers. It is the key to drive the next growth stage at Alpha Finance Lab, grow the talent pool and developer mindshare, and drive the speed of innovation in the blockchain industry as a whole. Be on the lookout as we are excited to share more information about the upcoming Alpha Launchpad project and how we can play a role in metaverse as well.

For firsthand announcement, be sure to follow Alpha Launchpad’s Twitter account closely.

About Alpha Finance Lab

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