Alpha Tokenomics & Launchpad Tokens

Alpha Tokenomics & Launchpad Tokens

As Alpha Finance Lab incubates more projects under the Alpha Launchpad program, ALPHA stakers can rejoice for the surge of staking APY. This is because incubated projects will allocate a portion of their tokens to ALPHA stakers when their token is live on the market, similar to BETA token launch. Furthermore, anyone can claim this allocation, as it is based on the ALPHA staked amount and, in particular, the amount of time you stake.

Check out the previous allocation program details here.

Let’s find out where and how you can get ALPHA and stake them on Alpha Tokenomics.

Centralized Exchanges (CEX)

Currently, ALPHA is available on many Centralized Exchanges, moreover, a CEX like Binance provides their users the option to stake ALPHA and earn protocol fees. However, if you stake your ALPHA with a CEX, you will not get the Alpha Launchpad tokens as a part of staking reward. The only way you can get your hands on these high-quality tokens is through Alpha Tokenomics, which is based on the Ethereum network. As a result, you need to transfer ALPHA to the Ethereum network to begin receiving the token allocation.

Bridge ALPHA

The ALPHA token is listed on many CEX, like Binance, FTX, and Kucoin (view the full list here). They allow users to bridge ALPHA across to the Ethereum or ERC-20 network easily. For instance, when clicking the withdraw button on Binance, you can input your address and ERC-20 network to start sending your ALPHA to the Ethereum network. (Cost 38 ALPHA to transfer from Binance to Ethereum Network)

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

The ALPHA token is currently on 2 blockchain networks, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). If you purchase ALPHA through Ethereum DEX like Uniswap or Sushiswap, you can easily navigate to Alpha Tokenomics and start staking and earn rewards. However, for DEX on the BSC network like Pancakeswap, you will need to bridge ALPHA across to the Ethereum network. This can be done by transferring your ALPHA to Binance and withdrawing it to an ERC-20 wallet.


Once your ALPHA is on the Ethereum network, start by navigating to Alpha Tokenomics page and clicking ‘Staking’. After approving your ALPHA token, click ‘stake’ to start receiving 4 exclusive benefits: Alpha Launchpad tokens, Protocol Fee, sALPHA, and Wolf Tiers.

Alpha Launchpad Tokens

Alpha Finance Lab aims to incubate projects that will help answer the blockchain market gap. In return, we ask projects we help incubate to allocate a part of their native tokens to ALPHA stakers. This, in a way, allows ALPHA stakers to be a part of the Alpha Launchpad projects ecosystem while welcoming them to use their protocols. Current projects on Alpha Launchpad are Beta Finance, pSTAKE Finance, and GuildFi. By staking ALPHA on Alpha Tokenomics today, you can start claiming BETA allocation, read more about the allocation program here. Besides, pSTAKE and GuildFi are planning to launch their tokens soon, with the GuildFi Team who announced that they will open a token auction on December 1st, read more here.

Protocol Fees

Alpha Finance Lab gives ALPHA stakers on Alpha Tokenomics its protocol fees made through the revenue generated from various existing DApps, Alpha Homora V1 (BSC), Alpha Homora V1 (ETH), Alpha Homora V2 (ETH), Alpha Homora V2 (Avalanche), and soon AlphaX (Avalanche). See Alpha Finance Lab revenue here.

Proposal Voting

sALPHA represents your share of the ALPHA staked on Alpha Tokenomics. It is stored inside your wallet that acts as evidence for your claim on staked ALPHA. More importantly, it is a ticket for you to vote on the Alpha Finance Lab snapshot proposal. This is when we propose changes and ask for sALPHA holders to decide the outcome. By holding sALPHA, you have the power to decide how we govern our protocol and become a part of Alpha Finance Lab.

Wolf Tier

To interconnect the Alpha universe together, we allow the benefit from Alpha Tokenomics to be transferable to Alpha Homora V2 (ETH). When you stake your ALPHA on Alpha Tokenomics, you receive a wolf tier based on the amount of ALPHA you stake, which increases the leverage level you can have on Alpha Homora V2 (ETH). See the 5 Wolf tiers here or read more in detail here.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you ALPHA stakers for the continuous support. The Alpha Team will continue to support ALPHA stakers through community support, generating higher protocol fees, and incubating more quality projects under the Alpha Launchpad program. Finally for new joiners, we would like to welcome you to be a part of the Alpha Wolf pack, and remember to shoot for the moon together. 🚀

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