Alpha Venture DAO Will Be Supporting Beta Finance’s MLP Strategy

Alpha Venture DAO Will Be Supporting Beta Finance’s MLP Strategy

Alpha Venture DAO is excited to share that we will be joining Beta Finance as one of the first partners to facilitate the new Minimum Liquidity Provision strategy.

Not only will the transition to this strategy help solve some of the critical pain points that currently exist, but will also help ensure Beta Finance can grow sustainably, effectively, and with more capital efficiency than before.

Alpha Finance Lab rebranded and expanded to Alpha Venture DAO earlier this month to further innovate past DeFi. Alpha Venture DAO will expand into building and incubating Web3 innovations in order to become a mass ecosystem of dApps that captures value regardless of which chains or sectors. Two core components of Alpha Venture DAO will still be on “building” innovative and user friendly projects with Alpha Build and “incubating” promising projects from all stages with Alpha Incubate. On the incubation side, the Alpha team will continue to work and mentor high-quality Web3 projects to grow from 0-to-1 and 1-to-100. Incubated projects will continue to receive support from us as they are all promising projects that we believe echo the ethos of Web3 since day one.

Alpha Venture DAO Continues to Support Incubated Project

With Alpha Venture DAO’s mission to become a Builder’s DAO that will become a platform for disrupting Web3, we continue to work closely with all incubated projects even after the incubation period ends to build a robust ecosystem that we envision will expand the boundary of Web3 use cases.

Thus, Alpha Venture DAO will partner with Beta Finance in joining the MLP strategy by listing ALPHA as one of the new Beta Verified Markets.

A total value of 100,000 USD worth of ALPHA will be exchanged with BETA at the 14-day hourly VWAP price from March 21 to April 4 at 12AM GMT. 198,416 ALPHA will be swapped for 196,682 BETA with a 6 month lock-up in the treasury and/or money market. The treasury will also represent Beta as a stakeholder in Alpha Venture DAO and vice versa.

As for the protocol, ALPHA market will be listed on Beta Finance on Avalanche and supported by Band Protocol oracle.

Beta Finance Supports Markets for Long-tail Assets With MLP

What Minimium Liquidity Provision strategy is in a nutshell is that Beta Finance will have protocol owned liquidity to operate token markets by partnering with other protocols to acquire tokens with BETA. In a way, this is also a way to show support to strong projects by becoming a long term holders of assets.

The MLP strategy will also bring several benefits to the long-term sustainability as a whole for Beta Finance. By owning a minimum liquidity, Beta Verified Markets will be able to operate immediately with the guaranteed liquidity at all times and increase capital efficiency.

Some of the notable highlights of this strategy include:

  1. Removing the dependency on mercenary capital and liquidity mining to kick start activity
  2. Lending, borrowing, and hedging activity can immediately begin on Beta Finance without having to rely on token holders to deposit liquidity
  3. Further focus on diversifying the treasury, and becoming a stakeholder of projects in the ecosystem
  4. Higher fees and earnings that can have a greater allocation to BETA holders

Moving Forward

Regardless of the stages Alpha Venture DAO’s incubated projects are in, Alpha Venture DAO will continue to support these projects in every aspect. Every project is an important building block in creating the strong ecosystem we envision that will disrupt the Web3 landscape. We are excited for the new direction Beta Finance is about to embark and the endless potentials that Beta Finance will bring to the community.

For builders who are interested in learning more about Alpha Venture DAO’s incubator arm or interested in applying to our incubation program, you can read more here to see how you can be a part of Alpha Venture DAO.

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