Getting to Know Alpha Venture DAO Incubator Arm

Getting to Know Alpha Venture DAO Incubator Arm

Following our latest blog on ‘How Can You Engage in Alpha Venture DAO’, we mentioned that there are 2 main ways that you can contribute to our ecosystem, and that is:

  1. Discord Community for Web3 users and you!
  2. Alpha Incubate

Quick recap that Alpha Venture DAO is made up of 2 parts, which are ‘build’ and ‘incubate’. Today, we will discuss the ‘incubate’ part of Alpha Venture DAO and how you can participate in this division through the Alpha Incubate Program.

If you have not read our blog on our expansion to Alpha Venture DAO, see here.

What is ‘Alpha Incubate’ and Plans for Alpha Launchpad Moving Forward

Given we are in our first steps towards decentralization, we are decentralizing our incubator program to let the community be a part of this. Hence, Alpha Launchpad has now become the incubator arm of Alpha Venture DAO, also known as Alpha Incubate.

Alpha Incubate, the one-stop station for builders to kickstart their Web3 projects.

Our vision for Alpha Incubate is to create a community of builders that focuses on long-term innovation rather than just speculating and pushes the boundary of Web3 by creating solutions around real world use cases.

This division of Alpha Venture DAO will focus on incubating new Web3 projects and work with the community to assist these high-quality projects to grow and bring real value to the Web3 space. Our incubation arm will be the perfect place for Web3 makers to innovate more and will play an important role in strengthening the blockchain ecosystem.

Alpha Incubate Program

What It Offers

Alpha Incubate will help founders successfully launch their projects. We help founders achieve key milestones no matter what your company’s stage. This includes: (1) launch on testnet or mainnet (2) fundraise from tier-1 VCs (3) build a strong community to have a successful product launch or TGE.

Our unique value proposition is three-fold:


  • Specific tactical advice: from operators who have actual experience from building and scaling products.
  • Signaling effect: Years of building results in strong relationships with key players and influencers, providing a signaling effect and unique exposure for our incubatees.
  • Alpha Network: Real value-add network of stakeholders in Web3 that incubatees can leverage. View full list here.


  • Early & committed users: We have an active and expansive network of heavy Web3 users from Alpha products. In addition, as a DAO, we’re able to structure incentives for the broader community to be early users and supporters who are committed to help incubatees succeed.
  • Community contributors: We provide avenues for the community to contribute to incubatees utilizing the community members’ skills and network.
  • Liquidity: Liquidity is the name of the game for kickstarting incubatees. With Alpha Incubate, incubatees will be able to bootstrap liquidity from day one.

Track record

  • Product ideation: Incubatees will benefit from our unique position being on the ground close to users and R&D capability. We launch fast and iterate as reflected by our ability to pioneer the leveraged yield farming space with a category-defining product in DeFi, Homora.
  • Project selection: We have helped our incubatees raise from tier-1 crypto VCs, including Three Arrow Capital, Pantera Capital, Galaxy Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Hashed, and Alameda Research, and have a track record of great incubatees.

How It Works

Alpha Incubate has two different tracks for startups at different stages: (i) Build track and (ii) Launch track.

The two tracks run simultaneously for 8 weeks each and end with a demo day where the incubatees will be able to pitch to and raise funds from Tier-1 VCs. The startups going through build track can take some time off after the program and join any of the future launch tracks if they want. During the structured programs, founders work towards different goals.

Alpha Incubate 

Build Track

Launch Track


Early stage startups

Mid to late stage startups

Before the Program

  • Have an MVP code but idea not yet validated

  • Have a public working product or testnet

After the Program

Be able to launch on Testnet and/or fundraise.

  • Be able to launch on mainnet, fundraise, and/or TGE.

  • Build a thriving community to grow your project to the next level.

Program Components and Structure

The program starts with a kickoff day where all incubatees come together for the first time then the incubatees go through a power packed 8 weeks program consisting of weekly masterclasses, mentorship hours, progress review calls, fireside chats and community events.

  • Masterclass: Live video sessions taken by Alpha Network on business fundamentals covering a series of topics such as product, technical, community building, marketing, hiring, tokenomics, fundraising, etc.
  • Mentorship hours: Alpha team will pair incubatees with their preferred mentors and incubatees can book mentorship hours with both Alpha team and Alpha Network every week within the program and even after the program.
  • Progress Review Calls: Alpha Team will do weekly check-in with the incubatees to track their progress and provide any extra support required.
  • Fireside chats: These are exclusive small group events hosted for incubatees to learn from the experience of industry titans and eminent people in the space. The goal is to provide unique access & networking opportunities to incubatees.
  • Community events: “Community Talks” hosted on Discord to share knowledge on various topics such as design, marketing, community building, etc.

Other than the weekly schedule, there will be many exciting events such as small group dinners to build relationships, prototype day to share what everyone is building, and rehearsal day to practice pitch before the final demo day.

Read here, if you have any questions regarding our incubation program.

What Makes Our Incubator Program Different from Others

We bring our operating experience, community, and track record to help you succeed regardless of what stage of building you are in. There are multiple elements required to successfully launch a project that first-time founders will not be able to identify. However, as builders with a track record of building a billion-dollar product and incubating a billion-dollar project ourselves, we are able to identify those essential moving pieces that only experienced builders will know.

With years of building, living, and breathing in the blockchain space, we know very well who in the Web3 industry could add value to which areas, and therefore, along with Alpha Network, we’re able to offer the best tactical and strategic advice to our incubatees.

How to Apply

In order to apply, go to our website here, click on “Apply Now” and fill out a simple application form. It takes <30 minutes! The applications are evaluated on a rolling basis; apply early to secure your spot. The next deadline is May 27, 2022.

Read here, if you have any questions regarding our application process.

Closing Thoughts

Alpha Incubate is the gateway for builders or crypto enthusiasts to tap into this growing mindshare of thought leaders. Whether you’re building or launching a project, we provide extensive guidance from the top minds in Web3 and unique access to users and liquidity from day one like nowhere else.

Don’t wait any longer. Turn your project into a rocketship with Alpha Venture DAO now!

About Alpha Venture DAO (Previously Alpha Finance Lab)

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