Monthly Summary September

Monthly Summary September

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As we come close to the end of 2022, we are gearing up our foundation for what’s coming in 2023. Both of our in-house products, Homora and ZAAP, are ramping up their fundamentals and battle-testing the platforms to offer a better experience for our users in the near future. Meanwhile, Alpha Incubate Batch 2 application is now OPEN! Alpha Incubate Batch 2 is a bespoke incubation program focusing on DeFi that serves as a Build Partner for founders, provides personalized experience, and access to the Web3 community. If you’re a DeFi builder, join us here!

In addition to our digital upgrades, we also moved our base of operation to a new location, where it will become the center of Web 3.0 innovations & incubation, or in other words, the blockchain hub of Asia!


This month, we celebrated Homora V2’s launch on Optimism with the first Text AMA on our Discord channel. This AMA was dedicated to help onboard new and existing users to our latest integration with Uniswap V3 as well as an opportunity for the community to get to know our team better. The session was a success and we hope to continue to find ways for Homora community members to engage with us. To welcome more users to our launch, we have extended our active LM programs to incentivize more liquidity on Optimism.

The ability to open leveraged positions on Uniswap V3 pools has brought new yield opportunities along with enabling higher capital efficiency. In just less than two months, Homora V2 has achieved over 35M in TVL, quickly becoming top 10 protocols on Optimism and number 1 in the yield category on DeFi Llama. A part of this innovative approach has been made possible with the help of our research team for coming up with the optimal way to increase capital efficiency while maximizing the chance to farm in active range. We have released a dedicated blog to share more details on this.

Finally, the pool listings don't stop here. We made a community poll to ask what other pools they would like to see next on Optimism. In the end, Velodrome’s stablecoin pool received the highest votes but after doing more research, it may not be feasible to integrate yet.

On Avalanche, we have released our first integrated product with Aperture Finance to bring leveraged farming vaults built on Homora V2. It is currently open for beta testing and the public version will be coming very soon! We have also added Core Wallet as another wallet option.

We hope you are as excited as we are with the upcoming roadmap.


During September, we have been aggressively improving ZAAP on all fronts. Firstly, ZAAP, in collaboration with the Creative Economy Agency of Thailand (CEA), hosted an offline workshop that aims to onboard artists from the traditional Thai art industry to the NFT / Web 3.0 market and simultaneously battle test the platform to adapt all of its features to fit the demand of the creators.

Out of 100+ applicants from artists all over Thailand, we picked the best 30 creators who are proficient with their craft to attend the workshop. You can now view and support their work on!

Secondly the website’s UI got revamped, presenting visitors with a more sensational look and feel while maintaining a smooth UI for browsing NFT collections on ZAAP. Try out the new UI yourself at and start collecting new fabulous NFTs on ZAAP!

If you are still wondering how ZAAP benefits art collectors like you, watch the video below to find out why!

Do you still have any questions with ZAAP? Take a visit to our FAQ page.

As ZAAP continues to grow and onboard new artists, we aim to be the bridge that connects the Web 3.0 industry to traditional artists from all backgrounds, offering an opportunity for any creators to efficiently sell their art world-wide, regardless of any coding knowledge. If you are an interested creator or know someone who is, reach out to us at our Discord (💬・zaap-chat channel)!


Alpha Incubate Batch 2 is now OPEN and this time it’s DeFi-focused!

If you’re a DeFi builder, don’t miss out cause this time round we’re collaborating with multiple leading Layer 1 protocols to help mentor successful candidates!

The application window will be open until November 15, 2022 at 11:59pm UTC. Apply here!

Alpha Incubate Batch 2 is a bespoke Web3 incubation program that serves as a Build Partner for founders, provides personalized experience and access to the Web3 community. Projects in the program will receive hands-on mentorship from notable mentors within Alpha Network, including investors and operators from The Spartan Group, Coinbase, Nansen, 1Kx, Jason Choi, Darryl Wang and many others.

Stay tuned to learn more about what we’ve in store for you! Can’t wait to share more with you guys!

Moreover, following the very successful Alpha Incubate Batch 1 Demo Day event, this month, we’ve formally introduced you to the latest batch of our incubated projects including Daft Analytics, Metaforo, Sharpe.

  • Daft Analytics, an automated NFT ranking and analytics platform.

An accessible and user-friendly market intelligence platform that handles off-chain data to evaluate NFTs. It uses machine learning & adaptive data analytics to quantify the viability of the project as an investment.

  • Metaforo, a Web3 native forum that prevents Sybil attacks by verifying on-chain assets.

A Web3-enabled platform for crypto projects that want to manage & grow their communities beyond Discord channels.

  • Sharpe, building a secure reserve asset layer.

Investing in DeFi should not be complicated. Sharpe simplifies investing in DeFi by building risk-managed systematic structured investment products to perform across bull and bear markets.

Learn more about them here.

Additionally, we’ve had several AMAs with our incubated projects, Contango and pSTAKE Finance.

Contango, the first protocol to bring experiable futures to DeFi, has deep knowledge of DeFi, has had a very fruitful discussion with us about ‘The Evolution of DeFis and What’s Next’. Listen to the full discussion here.

Meanwhile, pSTAKE Finance brought us more great news about their launch of BNB liquid staking. Listen to more details on stkBNB here.

Last but not least, we’ve also completed the 4th batch of GF token allocation! If you haven't yet claimed yours, claim it now here!

Alpha Academy

We released not one, but two episodes of Alpha Podcast! Check out our latest episodes with Band Protocol and GMX!

Together with Band, our long-term partner, we discussed how they develop and maintain partnerships with their ecosystem partners. Learn more about what Band does and what insights they have for Web3 builders here!

We’re honored to have GMX join us and share tips and tricks on how they build their strong community and army of blueberries. Learn more about GMX and build a strong community with us and GMX here!

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If you made it here, congratulations! This means you are more informed on our direction and goal. Let’s keep on building to expand the usability and expansion of Web 3.0 together. See you again in a month with more updates from all of our sectors!

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