Monthly Summary August

Monthly Summary August

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What’s it like to launch 3 different projects simultaneously? Well, that’s August for us, and it was amazing! Firstly, we launched Homora successfully on Optimism, currently achieving ~19 millions in TVL (at the time of writing). Not only that, we also soft launched our newest product, ZAAP. Finally the Incubation program Demo Day also received extraordinary feedback as well.


Homora V2 now live on Optimism

Homora V2 has arrived on Optimism as the first L2 chain to expand to! The month of August has been mainly dedicated to this launch as we have a lot in store to share. For full details, users can read more here.

We have prepared quite a lot exciting events for this launch including:

Within just 2 weeks, the TVL has reached close to 20M. You can also track your portfolio on Debank now. We will continue to list new pools, look for new integration partners, and apply for Optimism Grant. Join our community to meet other Homora users.

Discord Restructuring

Our team has also been looking for ways to restructure our Homora channel on Discord to best reflect the needs of our users. We have updated the channels with several key changes:

  • Condensed into 3 main channels for Homora-related topics
  • #Homora-chat: for all-things related to Homora and place for all Homora members of different levels and chains to meet and interact with one another
  • #Dev-lounge: this channel will be dedicated to developers who are interested in interacting with Homora on the contract level for various purposes
  • #Help-and-support: this channel will be dedicated to let users raise any issues/bugs encountered while using Homora and for us to provide direct help to resolve the issue.
  • New role to keep updated on Homora-related announcements
  • We understand that some community members joined our community mainly for Homora, thus we have created a separate news channel specifically for Homora news. To not miss out on Homora news, users are encouraged to get a role to gain access through #get-a-role channel.  

Homora News Digest

Each week, we will try to compile the key updates for Homora users through a Weekly Digest post on Twitter some time between Friday-Sunday. Homora users can refer to this to get a quick summary of the main events that have happened during that week. See reference here.

Homora Upcoming Roadmap

Aside from our focus on Optimism, there will also be various other upcoming updates for Homora V2 on other chains.

For Homora V2 on Ethereum, we will be expanding our Uniswap v3 integration from Optimism to Ethereum soon. Be on the lookout for a release date!

For Homora V2 on Avalanche, we are currently working with Aperture Finance to integrate pseudo delta-neutral strategies to farm with. They are opening up an opportunity for users to get a whitelist to test the integration first. Interested users can sign-up for beta testing by completing a few quests here to get access. You can get a sneak peek of the details here.

For Homora V2 as a whole, we are working towards a new direction. There will be some exciting new changes for Homora in the pipeline. More details have been shared through our Discord Text AMA.


We have successfully soft launched our newest product ZAAP, the first step in bringing in traditional artists to the NFT space while giving collectors a wider range of art to explore. This soft launch allows us to market-test our product from the tech and user-experience perspectives. Eventually, once it goes under the full-launch, ZAAP will aim to bridge new faces to the space by working directly with art distributors and providing the tools and guidance needed for them to successfully launch collections on the blockchains. Read more about our vision on ZAAP here, Soft Launching ZAAP - a Swiss Army Knife for NFT Projects.

Ultimately, this product sets a foundation for us in the NFT space, granting us to accrue value from this market sector in the future!  

The First Collections on ZAAP
This launch also consisted of artists we have curated over in June, WuffWuff and AlienB. You can try out ZAAP by minting these collections at 0.01 ETH and let us know what you think of the product on our Discord, ZAAP-Chat.

Alpha Incubate

This is a very special month for Alpha Incubate since it’s our very FIRST EVER Demo Day on August 24, 2022!

Cheers to our amazing incubation team and incubated projects for making it possible! We've had a very successful event, receiving over 90 registrations from investors! #AlphaIncubateDemoDay

At this exclusive invite-only event brought to you by Alpha Incubate, 4 of our new incubated projects, Daft Analytics, Metaforo, Sharpe, and Fuku, had an amazing opportunity to pitch and connect with 70+ VCs and angels.

After 8 weeks of intensive mentorship with Alpha Network, a growing community of Web3 top-minds including Jason Choi, Co-Founder at Tangent, John Robert, Partner at Multicoin Capital, Mable Jiang, Chief Revenue Officer at STEPN, and many others, they are ready more than ever to be at the forefront of Web3 and expand its use cases!

Check out here to get to know more about our incubated project and get a glimpse of what Alpha Incubate Demo Day looks like!

Additionally, we’ve also published a short highlight clip of Darryl Wang, Co-Founder at Tangent (ex-Principal at DeFiance Capital) and one of the notable members in Alpha Network talking about ‘Future of DeFi & Web 3.0’. See here.

If you’re a Web3 builder looking for personalized mentorship for your project, look no further!

Join Alpha Incubate where we, the Alpha team along with Alpha Network, provide you with a personalized experience with actionable steps specific to your sector and stage.

Alpha Incubate Batch 2 application is now OPEN, running from September 1 to October 15, 2022. Apply here now before you miss it!

Alpha Academy

Alpha Research is back!

We’re thrilled to publish our second blog on ‘Tokenomics Design Analysis’. In this article, we discussed the method we used for analyzing tokenomics designs, which we called the ‘Value Alignment’ framework, and applied it to study 4 tokenomics designs. This includes ETH, CRV, SUSHI, and UST.

On top of that, we also collaborated with our long-term partner, Band Protocol, a decentralized cross-chain data oracle platform that aggregates and connects real-world data and APIs to smart contracts. Together, we released an episode on ‘Partnership Development from Ground Up’.

Partnership development is very crucial to surviving in the crypto space, especially for new projects that want to tap into larger communities. Band Protocol has been in the space since 2017 and has over 70 partnerships. Listen to what Band Protocol has to say on their partnership with ecosystem players here.

Alpha Contribute

During August we have released many new tasks for our club members to accomplish. These include the Homora Calculator project, and the Monthly Summary. Not only that, we also refurbished the look and feel of the portal and content for our members to accomplish tasks much more seamlessly. Visit now!

New Joiner

For anyone who is interested in learning how to build in Web 3.0, we are open for new applicants of all skills today (coding, UX/UI designing, graphic designing, marketing, and community building)! Apply now!

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