Soft Launching ZAAP - a Swiss Army Knife for NFT Projects

Soft Launching ZAAP - a Swiss Army Knife for NFT Projects

Welcome to the soft launch event for ZAAP, the ultimate gateway to explore and mint new NFTs, a new product built by Alpha Venture DAO.

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The NFT market has been gaining more adoptions each year since its inception in 2017. Despite the recent growth, toolkits in NFT are still nascent and difficult to use. From working with traditional artists and art distributors, we have discovered a large barrier to entry to the space, which makes onboarding new artists a challenging task for the community as a whole.

With this discovery, we’re launching ZAAP – a “Swiss Army Knife for NFT Projects”. ZAAP aims to bridge new faces to the space by working directly with art distributors and providing the tools and guidance needed for them to successfully launch collections on the blockchains. Today we are proud to announce the ZAAP soft launch, the first step toward delivering the toolkit to artists and collectors.

Over the past months, we have been refining our product and working with many creators to help them launch their NFT collections with ZAAP. Today we are proud to announce that we’ve invited 2 artists from the traditional art industry and successfully became their first step into the Web 3.0 space. Their NFT projects, AlienB, and WuffWuff will be the first collections to launch on ZAAP, alongside ZAAP PASS.

Let’s Mint!

AlienB, a collection of 271 superpowered aliens, is offering a raffle launch method. Try your luck by joining the raffle today. The raffle price is 0.015 ETH, click here to participate (you will not lose your ETH if you do not win the raffle).
The raffle results will be announced on August 29th, at 11AM UTC.
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WuffWuff, a collection of 555 cute puppies, will be opening for a public mint at 0.01 ETH on August 25th, at 10AM UTC. Remember that the public mint is based on first-come-first-serve. Be fast and don’t miss out on these adorable canines.
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ZAAP is launching its platform native NFT collection too! It will be announced soon, though only the people on the whitelist can mint them. Will you be one of them? How to be on the whitelist? Take a guess!

How to mint on ZAAP

ZAAP Roadmap

Upon completing the soft launch, we will release more collaborations with art distributors and individual artists. More collections are coming! Eventually, ZAAP will go under full launch, in which the platform will be open to the public allowing any artists to launch their NFT collection on ZAAP. The ultimate goal is to become the backbone that all traditional artists and distributors rely on to launch their NFTs on-chain.

What more can you expect from the full launch? Here’s our vision:

NFT Artists

ZAAP becomes a link between digital artists and the world of Web 3.0, by giving artists, Collection Launch and NFT Market Insights, ZAAP Support, and No-Code NFT Launch Tool, all of which allow artists to successfully launch a full NFT art collection of any size starting with only digital art files.      

Collection Launch and NFT Market Insights - Empowering Artists with the Bird-Eye-View Data

Many NFT projects failed to understand the market and hence launched collections that did not sell. This was because those creators did not have the tool to analyze the consumers’ behavior and other competitors in the market. ZAAP changes this by offering “ZAAP Studio”, a portal for artists to analyze their collection launch and NFT market insights. It’s Artists’ best friend that offers everything an NFT artist needs to make their collection launch successful (read more about ZAAP Studio).

No-Code NFT Launch Tool

Launch Methods
There are multiple ways to launch a collection, with multiple different trade-offs. You may use whitelists to get market exposure, or a raffle to give fairness to all of your community members, though public mint can also present some excitement through how fast you can mint. ZAAP squad understands this and we make sure artists can customize how they want to launch their collections, all without requiring any coding skills.    

Smart Contract Creation.
ZAAP allows anyone to launch their own NFT and create a smart contract for their collection without any prior knowledge of coding or web 3.0. As a result, any NFT collection that is launched on ZAAP has the potential to be utilized with other applications in the future. Artists are now more in control of their collections than ever, at virtually zero technical risks!

ZAAP Support

Most importantly, our team is here to help you. Similar to our Incubation Program, the ZAAP team provides everything a project needs from technical support to NFT consult sessions from our crypto veteran. Artists who launched their collection on ZAAP can use our service to catch up with other players in the market in no time.

NFT Minters

Changes How You Explore NFTs

If you had mint NFTs in the past you would know the inconvenience of visiting multiple minting platforms (websites) in order to get those NFTs you have participated in their launch events. Even more, you have to check back in to see the results and mint them. Would it be better if one single platform allows you to do all of those actions, without the need to switch between minting sites? ZAAP tackles this problem and offers you to explore and mint NFTs without leaving the website. You can see all collection details, such as minting price, minting method, the preview of the collection, number of NFTs, like how you would see on the project’s minting pages.

Wider Range of Art

As ZAAP opens more doors to artists from the traditional world, NFT minters can explore a wider range of art from underrated or famous artists who were once prevented from entering the Web 3.0 space due to lack of technical knowledge. Through adoptions from more artists, the paradigm of the NFT market may shift in another direction. Art enthusiasts may find more appealing crafts that surpass ordinary profile picture NFTs.

Closing Thoughts

Similar to Homora, we created ZAAP not only to offer minters and independent artists a better way to get exposure to the NFT industry but also to act as a B2B product that provides a pathway for art distributors/studios and institutions to enter the Web 3.0 space. Stay tuned for upcoming collaborations and updates!

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