Alpha Bi-Weekly Newsletter

Alpha Bi-Weekly Newsletter

Introducing the Bi-Weekly Newsletter

Hey Alpha wolves! We’re introducing Alpha bi-weekly newsletter!

Alpha bi-weekly newsletter will allow the community to keep abreast of the things we are building/have built and launched over the past 2 weeks.

We usually provide these updates on Twitter, however we wanted to add this section on top of that for users to view a consolidated post on those updates, in case they’ve missed it.

Here’s an image covering what's been going on this month:

Campaigns, Partnerships and Tweet Recap

Project Galaxy x Alpha Diamond Hands NFT

We partnered with Project Galaxy to reward ALPHA stakers of more than 1000 ALPHA who had diamond hands and didn’t unstake since 19th May.

Alpha Tokenomics

The Alpha Wolf community hit a huge milestone yesterday having ~35% of ALPHA’s circulating supply staked!

The new AlphaX

The new AlphaX smart contract development and testing have been completed. While it is going through its first security audit, we are  working on the UX/UI.

Alpha Homora

We have disabled opening new positions to the pools on V1 that are not migrating to V2. Users will still be able to claim their rewards on existing positions.

AMA on Alpha Discord

We had two AMAs on the Alpha discord, one with Tascha on all things Alpha and the other with Allen from Beta Finance. Check out what the community has been curious about at our discord channel.

Bi-Weekly Announcement Recap


We partnered with Ethereum Push Notifications Service to offer Alpha Homora V2 users with liquidation notifications on their mobile and browser.

Once users subscribe to the notifications on the EPNS site and download the app, they will be able to receive notifications on their positions that are at liquidation risk. Check out the announcement for a detailed guide on how to subscribe to these notifications.

Vision and Roadmap

The team wanted to give Alpha wolves insight on our vision and some of the things we are planning to push out, as seen in the roadmap above.

We aspire to be a forefront DeFi lab that is able to react quickly to the market/change in the DeFi landscape and building/incubating products that capture unaddressed demand as the landscape matures.

We are also continuing to build the Alpha Universe which consists of Alpha products that interoperate to maximize returns while minimizing risks for users, and other ecosystems incubated through the Alpha Launchpad incubator program.

For the detailed description of the roadmap check out the announcement.

Beta Finance

Last week, we unveiled Alpha Launchpad’s first incubated project - Beta Finance!

Beta Finance is a short-selling tool coupled with a permissionless money market, which aims to offset crypto volatility and brings about market stability. Beta addresses a gap in the market which has been unsolved in DeFi by building a one-stop-shop for short selling volatile crypto assets

DeFi users will be able to short any crypto asset with just a click of a button, and holders of any crypto token can create a money market to lend and earn high lending interest rates.

To find out more about Beta Finance, see here.

Alpha Launchpad Review x Revamped Alpha Finance Website

After the revealing of Beta Finance, we are planning to expand, scale, and decentralize the incubation process of Alpha Launchpad even further. With Alpha Launchpad, the core Alpha team will be able to continue building new and on existing Alpha products, whilst mentoring incubated projects.

The revamped Alpha Finance website now showcases all the different parts of the Alpha Universe, and the new look allows the different parts of Alpha to stand out and display the synergistic nature among them.

Auto-Stake ALPHA

A new feature to help users ‘Auto-Stake’ their ALPHA rewards was added onto Alpha Homora V2. With just 2-3 transactions on your crypto wallet, users can directly stake ALPHA rewards from Alpha Homora V2 onto Alpha Tokenomics!

This was the perfect example for us to explain what the ‘Positive Feedback Loop’ within the Alpha Universe means. It is the repeating series of value-creating activities and actions that can be carried out because of the synergistic effect between products in the ALPHA universe.

That’s all for now. Feel free to follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram / Discord to get in on the conversation.

Until next time, Alpha Wolves. 🐺

About Alpha Finance Lab

Alpha Finance Lab is a DeFi Lab, and on a mission to build Alpha Universe. Alpha Universe includes the Alpha ecosystem, which consists of Alpha products that interoperate to maximize returns while minimizing risks for users, and other ecosystems incubated through the Alpha Launchpad incubator program.

Alpha Homora is Alpha Finance Lab’s first product and DeFi’s first leveraged yield farming product that also captures the market gap in lending, one of the key pillars of the financial system.

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